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As a firm who contracts with the Federal Government, you’re well aware of the diverse and unpredictable needs of RFPs that come across your desk. Perhaps you find that your skill set is ideally suited for the job, but you simply don’t have the staffing or capacity. Likewise, maybe you have abundant resources and staff ready, but you need additional help to manage the finer points of a contract. We are here to help and collaborate with you!

Due to our size and specialized expertise, Bowman & Company LLP is well suited to operate in a prime role for smaller firms looking to apply their skills to federal contracts as well as in a sub role for larger firms looking to add additional capacity and differentiation to their proposals.

Whatever your situation, we’d be pleased to hear more about you and explore how we can partner to explore mutual opportunities. Please use the form to the right to get in touch, and one of our Federal Contracting specialists will get back to you shortly.

The Benefits of Proactive Partnership

  • Developing a network to help you propose on more federal opportunities with confidence
  • Increasing your win rate by providing the capacity and specialization needed to make a great proposal
  • Getting an edge on your competition
  • Gaining access to opportunities that would otherwise be too time-consuming for you to manage alone
  • Leveraging each other’s strengths to deliver quality services to the benefit of all

We invite you to CONTACT US if you would like additional information or to discuss your particular business needs.