Bowman at Bancroft's One World Run

Bowman at Bancroft's One World Run

Bowman & Company LLP
Posted by Bowman & Company LLP on Oct 28, 2019 9:43:00 AM

On October 13th, Bowman & Company LLP had the opportunity to participate in Bancroft’s second annual One World Run. Bancroft is one of the largest neurological and disability rehabilitation non-profit organizations in the region. They are dedicated to enhancing the lives of those they serve through a wide range of innovative approaches and specialized services.

Bowman partner Michelle Gasiorowski and team members Sarah Agemian, Megan Dovie, and Kevin Lydon joined with members of the community to complete the 5K One World Run. Their efforts helped raise nearly $90,000. These funds will go towards the progression and sustainment of programs for people of all ages afflicted by autism, brain injuries, and intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Bowman & Company LLP Bancroft second annual One World Run

Michelle, Sarah, Megan, and Kevin

At Bowman & Company LLP, we believe strongly in the value of supporting events that enrich the lives of those both within and beyond the community we serve. We are proud to support Bancroft and look forward to seeing more of our friends and neighbors at future events!

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