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Accountants at Heart

by | Feb 14, 2024 | Healthcare, Not-for-Profits

Bowman & Company LLP's Voorhees office lit up with red lights.Today is special day where people all over the world celebrate the ones they love most. Every time you see the shape of a heart today, remember that there’s more to this time of year than Valentine’s Day; the American Heart Association (AHA) recognizes this month as “American Heart Month”. Through health education, you and your loved ones can all live safer. After all, knowing the facts about heart health can even save a life during a medical emergency. To bring awareness to this cause, Bowman & Company LLP’s Voorhees office continues its tradition of lighting the exterior in red for the duration of February.

Have you ever considered what your course of action will be in the event of a nearby heart failure? Thankfully, the AHA and similar organizations provide a plethora of information to improve your preparedness. Regardless of the type of emergency – a cardiac arrest (an electrical problem in the heart) or a heart attack (a circulation problem in the heart) – the first and foremost key to a prepared response is to seek medical attention from professionals. Calling 9-1-1 or emergency response numbers at the first sign of trouble immensely benefits the victim. Even if you don’t remember the steps to perform on-site care, having professionals on speakerphone can help guide you through the required steps.

It is also important to be aware of your environment. Try to always take note of the nearest Automated External Defibrillator (AED) device, if there is one on-site. While you can try your best to treat a victim without the use of devices such as AED’s, there’s never a situation where you’d be better off without access to one. The AHA provides free instructional videos on emergency responses based on a variety of factors, including the presence of AED’s, the victim’s gender, and more. See the end of this article for quick links to these videos.

Bowman & Company LLP requires all of our office locations to have trained staff in CPR/AED, so in the unlikely event of a medical emergency, there is always someone to immediately respond. We encourage all businesses and organizations to have policies in place for heart emergencies. Using guides such as the Cardiac Emergency Response Plan (General Checklist) from the AHA, you can be sure you’re headed in the right direction towards being prepared for the worst.

Joining together in education, advocacy, and support can accomplish great work. For Pennsylvania residents – keep Tuesday, February 20th in mind: the AHA’s “Pennsylvania Advocacy Day”. You are invited to join virtual programs that include training, rallies, and meetings with PA legislators. Sign-Up for this event can be found here, through the AHA website.

Resources & Further Reading

  • American Heart Association: Cardiac Emergency Response Plan (General Checklist) – PDF Link
  • American Heart Association: Course Catalog – Link
  • American Heart Association: “Hands-Only CPR Woman” – Video Link
  • American Heart Association: “Hands-Only CPR plus AED Extended – Woman” – Video Link
  • American Heart Association: “Hands-Only CPR Woman” – Video Link
  • American Heart Association: “Hands-Only CPR plus AED Extended – Man” – Video Link

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