Q1. Do I need to have 150 hours of college credits before applying to Bowman?
Answer: We do hire employees with only 120 college credits but you will need the 150 hours to be licensed as a CPA. You can take the CPA exam without the 150 credits but will need the additional hours prior to becoming licensed and if the additional hours are required we will help pay for them.

Q2. What criteria are you looking for in a new hire?
Answer: The easy answer is a good student with strong interpersonal skills, but we also want employees that strive to pass the CPA exam and want to learn and advance their professional careers.

Q3. Are you currently hiring?
Answer: We are always looking for good employees. We are currently hiring for interns, entry level accountants, and experienced accountants. We encourage you to apply here on our website.

Q4. When do your new hires start?
Answer: We are flexible and as such we do not have a set start date for all new hires, however, most new hires start within weeks of graduation.

Q5. What training do new hires receive?
Answer: All members of the professional staff are required to attend at least 40 hours of training per year (CPE) and most new hires will have over 60 hours of training in their first year. In addition, on the job training is an integral part of the learning process.

Q6. Do you hire co-ops or interns?
Answer: If you are in a formal program at your college/university that allows you to work 40 hours a week for a full semester, the answer is yes.

Q7. Will I do a lot of traveling?
Answer: No, most of our clients are located in the Southern New Jersey/Philadelphia area.

Q8. Will I work a lot of overtime?
Answer: During certain times of the year, you may be busier than other times, but the work/life balance is important and as such most employees find the overtime to be reasonable, and certainly less than most of our competitors.

Q9. Does Bowman have a diverse workforce?
Answer: Yes we do, and we continue to strive for even more diversity.

Q10. I know that Bowman has a great reputation with its governmental clients but what other industries do you serve?
Answer: We have a very successful commercial department which includes both for profit and not for profit clients and tax return preparation and planning. Bowman is the largest CPA firm in Southern New Jersey and in fact, our commercial department alone is larger than most of our competitor firms. We also have a strong IT department and serve clients in that arena too.

Q11. Is there room for advancement?
Answer: Absolutely, in fact most of our partners and senior managers started their professional careers with Bowman right out of college and have advanced over the years.

Q12. What makes Bowman different than other CPA firms?
Answer: Our employees make the difference. They work hard and they help one another and they enjoy their work. We treat our employees like professionals with flexibility, which explains why we have been voted one of the Best Places to Work in NJ.

Q13. Is passing the CPA exam important?
Answer: In our firm you will need to have passed the CPA exam to be eligible for promotion to the Manager level. The sooner you pass the exam the better. The expectation is that if you are going into public accounting that you will take and pass the exam.

Q14. Why come to work at Bowman?
Answer: First, we believe you are interviewing us as much as we are interviewing you. Second, we recognize that you have many options when choosing where you want to start your professional career, but we hope it will be at Bowman because while it is a cliché, we do treat everyone like family. In addition, you will learn a lot about accounting and yourself as you grow both professionally and personally. Finally, we offer a career, not an ordinary job.

To apply, please fill out the application at the link below.

We invite you to CONTACT US if you would like additional information or to discuss your particular business needs.



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