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Local Students Awarded Bowman Scholarships for 2024

by | Jun 14, 2024 | #BowmanGivesBack, Press Releases

Bowman Management with John ZerilloSummer has arrived, finals are over, and students everywhere have flocked from campus dorms back to their homes. But for many graduating students, Summertime can actually be stressful; while a college diploma is a monumental achievement, millions of young adults are now entering a highly competitive job market while simultaneously shouldering the burden of massive sums of debt. In this sense, many people feel that the opportunities in front of them are clouded under a shadow of career and/or financial insecurity. Despite this, Bowman & Company LLP believes that education is a worthwhile and noble pursuit, and that no one deserves to feel intimidated by the financial stresses of obtaining a degree. In partnership with the New Jersey Society of Certified Public Accountants (NJCPA), Bowman is proud to continue our annual tradition of scholarship grants to local college students. On top of that, we are delighted to have one recipient starting an internship at Bowman & Company LLP, an opportunity that will hopefully provide valuable experience to their accounting career.

It has been sixteen years since Lisa A. Donahue passed away, and the impact she made is still as strong as ever; a true testament to how wonderful of a person she was. While we are still devastated by her passing, we are extremely fortunate to have had her in our lives. We are honored to celebrate Lisa’s character and achievements by identifying Antonette Almendras, from Rutgers University, as a worthy recipient of the 2024 scholarship.

The passing of John F. Dailey, Jr. (“Jack”) in 2022 was a tremendous loss. As a former Managing Partner at Bowman and president of the NJCPA, Jack was a true leader. His legacy and example are far-reaching to this day. The second annual recipient of Jack’s memorial scholarship is John Zerillo, from Rowan University. John has joined the firm for an internship this Summer, and we are extremely grateful to have him! Not only does Bowman & Company LLP sponsor our own award for Jack; the NJCPA has also established one, given his status as a past president. The recipient of the NJCPA’s presidential memorial scholarship is Kevin Norton, of Farleigh Dickenson University.

The selection process for these scholarships is a rigorous collection of in-person interviews, academic considerations, and written responses. Bowman personnel are extensively involved in the NJCPA’s scholarship program, including Maryann Holloway, Michael Thilker, Amy Perrone, Carol McAllister, and Stefanie DeSantis. In addition to those names mentioned, several others commit a considerable amount of time towards leadership/administrative roles, presentations, high school & college visits, and committees for the NJCPA. We invest in education, specifically for young adults, because it is of utmost importance to us. Bowman & Company LLP congratulates our award winners, the field of other NJCPA scholarship recipients, and all our 2024 applicants.

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