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Demonstrate Kindness: Pride Month 2024

by | Jun 1, 2024 | #DiversityandInclusion

A multi-colored heart symbol.As accountants, we spend countless hours with our clients performing audits, generating reports, filing taxes, performing consultations, and many other services. Bowman & Company knows what makes a business from top to bottom. Yes, it involves a litany of assets and liabilities; but what really makes a business is a collection of people that have decided that their time and effort are worth contributing to common goals. Despite the personal differences that make each member unique, a good organization shares the desire to work together to succeed.

Bowman employees have specialized skillsets that serve different types of clients in distinct ways – but together, our staff create a pool of knowledge and expertise greater than any individual could possess on their own. Our ability to grow as a business is highly dependent on the consistent application of the core principles that allow people to work together effectively: respect, tolerance, and kindness.

When these attributes are missing from work life, it hinders growth both professionally and personally. This is one reason why Bowman & Company LLP is committed to being an inclusive organization. Bowman encourages diversity within the accounting profession in all ways, including diversity of life experience, physical characteristics, orientation, and more. For our job to get done the right way, we truly need to work together. Cohesiveness cannot exist where there is also resentment, bigotry, or judgement.

Bowman & Company LLP celebrates pride month because kindness is not conditional. No matter how you may differ, it is always right to show kindness to others. We want all of our employees and clients to know that no matter who you are, when you walk through our doors, we are going to be genuinely happy and grateful to work with you. Freedom of expression and the pursuit of happiness are not just important to our nation’s identity, but should also be encouraged in your daily work life.

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