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10 Easy Ways to Adjust for a Changing Budget

by | Jan 25, 2013 | Uncategorized

With the expiration of the Social Security payroll tax break, many employees will see a reduction in their paychecks. Employees will want to adjust their budgets now so they don’t run into any unwanted surprises. Below are ten ways to help you find extra money to offset the loss:

Adjust your withholding. The IRS has a worksheet that allows you to calculate the proper number of allowances, helping you keep more money every month.

Pay with cash. Doing so typically saves consumers 20% compared with their credit spending levels.

Refinance your mortgage. With mortgage rates so low right now, you might be able to lower your monthly payment if you refinance.

Save $10 in 10 categories. Ten dollars may not seem like a lot of money, but if you cut back $10 in spending in 10 different categories it can add up.

Do it yourself. Stop paying people to do things that you can do yourself, such as wash your car or mow your lawn.

Quit bad habits. Smoking, gambling and drinking are all expensive habits that could save you significant dollars if stopped.

Clean out your storeroom. You’ll earn some cash selling your unwanted things as well as stop paying for extra storage space.

Shop for insurance. Compare rates and ask about ways to lower your premium.

Examine your bank statement. This is a good way to see where all your money is going and cut out goods and services you don’t necessarily need.

Earn extra income. Look for a part-time job that uses a skill or talent you already have so it won’t feel like you’re working.

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