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A Smarter, Leaner Government is Possible

by | Mar 18, 2014 | Government Entities

iStock_000019027497XLarge_200_143Refocusing government to become more goal oriented, smarter and leaner, as a change from the stagnant, bureaucratic and regulation-driven entity it is now will get our nation where it needs to be.

The federal government is largely running on a thought process developed long ago and as the world changed around it, the government simply didn’t keep up. Most often, it is viewed as slow, inefficient, isolated and impersonal.

Government waste runs rampant throughout the bureaucracy. Most times, managers are bound by the process itself, rather than by the outcome. Smart Lean Government means tearing down silos, reducing overlap and duplication and ending turf wars. The Service Integration Model has shown its effectiveness, with the focus on both collaboration and shared information.

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