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Army is Successful in Awarding ESPCs

by | Jan 11, 2013 | Government Entities

According to Army officials, the Army is on track to achieve its goal of awarding a portion of $2 billion in energy savings performance contracts (ESPCs) by the end of the year. Under the government-wide initiative, the vendor pays the upfront investment for building renovations and retrofits of the ESPC project in exchange for payments from the government’s energy savings over time.

So far, the Army has awarded $220 million worth of ESPCs and is on track to reach its goal of $384 million by the year’s end. Additionally, the Army has been able to cut down the time it takes to award a contract from more than 20 months to 14 months. The Army’s largest project as a result of issuing an ESPC is a renewable energy project that is scheduled to install a four-megawatt solar field on a 42-acre tract at its White Sands Missile Complex in central New Mexico.

For more information on ESPCs, please visit the Federal Times.

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