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Bowman Employees Attend Rowan Mentorship Reception

by | Nov 21, 2022 | #BowmanGivesBack, Events

MaryannBowman & Company LLP believes that we have responsibilities to our community stakeholders. The education of students in South Jersey, and those entering the accounting profession in general, is of great importance to us. That is why many Bowman employees are actively involved in mentorship programs with local colleges. By helping accounting students succeed in their studies, we seek to continue and encourage the tradition of producing great talent in the region; sharing our knowledge and experience is the only way to usher in an optimistic future for the profession. In late October, four Bowman Employees (and Rowan Alumni) attended a reception hosted by the Rowan University Accounting Mentorship Program. Pictured front/center is Senior Manager Maryann Holloway along with other attendees.

Senior Managers Maryann Holloway & Bill Reilly as well as managers Lexi Wilson & Valerie Thwaites attended the reception to meet with their mentees, Rowan faculty, and other accounting students. This program is now 18 years strong, and people like Mrs. Holloway – who have been involved since its inception – make it possible. Providing the opportunity for students to speak with professionals allows them to learn important details about the profession: the typical responsibilities of an accountant, the industries you can work in, how to build a professional network, and much more. The profession of a CPA requires more than studying a curriculum. It requires face-to-face conversations, the ability to ask questions, and the support of your peers. That is why the mentorship programs are so impactful, and why many Bowman staff find involvement in them to be rewarding.

Bill and ValSenior Manager Bill Reilly & Manager Valerie Thwaites (second row, middle & right)

In addition to Rowan, Bowman staff have connections to mentorship programs in multiple regional schools such as Drexel and Widener, as well as the New Jersey Society of Certified Public Accountants (NJCPA). If you attend a school in the Delaware Valley and have interest in an accounting mentorship, ask your school if said programs exist or reach out to Bowman using a contact form on our website!

LexiManager Lexi Wilson (first row, second to the left)



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