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Bowman Sounds the Alarm for Fire Safety

by | Apr 30, 2019 | #BowmanGivesBack, Events, Not-for-Profits

Bowman Red Cross Team 04-27-2019Members of Bowman & Company LLP joined with the American Red Cross to Sound the Alarm on Saturday April 27th in the City of Camden.  In coordination with Mayor Francisco Moran’s Team Up! Clean Up! Campaign, Bowman volunteers worked to bring fire safety to neighborhood homes.  Several smoke alarms were installed and residents educated on fire safety matters.  Bowman participants included the Firm’s Managing Partner Michael Cesaro, Vice Chair of the Southwestern Chapter of the American Red Cross, Evan Palmer, Ken Drewes and Bill Reilly. 

Lynn Paul, Chair of the Southwestern Chapter of the American Red Cross and Disaster Responder served as Leader of Team Bowman.  Team Bowman worked directly with his Honor, Mayor Francisco Moran, to Sound the Alarm and save lives.

Bowman & Camden City Red Cross 04-27-2019     Mayor Moran & Red Cross 04-27-2019 STA

For information on the Sound the Alarm campaign and fire safety, please visit


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