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Commercial/IT team reigns supreme at Bowman’S 14th Annual Turkey Bowl Football Game

by | Jan 3, 2017 | Events

All Players.jpgOn Saturday, November 19th Bowman & Company had their 14th Annual Turkey Bowl football game at Kirkwood Park, Voorhees.

This two-hand touch football game put the Commercial/IT team against the Governmental team.  The Commercial/IT team has won 10 of the previous 13 matchups.

It was a beautiful sunny day as the teams gathered at Kirkwood park.  Unfortunately many had cancelled on the previous day and Captain Glen “Hands” Walton was nowhere to be found.  

By the time Glen showed up to the game the Commercial/IT team was leading 4-0 and even pushed further ahead to 6-0 before the Governmental team was even able to score.  Through the game the Governmental team pulled within three points but that was as closest they would get.


Rooting for the Commercial/IT team was Pam Fitzgerald, who is considered SUPERFAN for attending every game.  Jie (SUPERFAN) Yang & Co., Taylor and Michael Cragin, Sarah and Theresa were there rooting for the Governmental team.

After a fun battle between the two teams came to an end the Commercial/IT team was victorious over the Governmental team 13-10.

Commercial Team.jpg
The Victorious team:

  • John Culbertson – (2 TD)
  • Captain Glen “Hands” Walton – (1 TD and 2 INT) 
  • Josh Kastrava (12 pass TDs)
  • Dennis Skalkowski (2 TDs)
  • Rob Wiacek (6 Td’s, 2 INT)
  • Colin Fricke (1 TD)
  • Ed Magras (1 TD)

Better luck next time Governmental team:

  • Mike Catalano (4 TD)
  • James Heiser (3 TD)
  • Mike Cragin (who completed several passes to the Commercial/IT team)
  • Shawn Glynn
  • John Ryan (many TD passes)
  • Bryan Sims (3 TD, 2 INT)

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