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Cash for Ideas from Government Employees

by | Dec 12, 2014 | Government Entities

122486570Resized_200_134With most states employing an employee suggestion program, in many cases, they are financially rewarded if their suggestion is implemented and saves the state money.
In West Virginia and Washington State, workers can get up to $10,000 for an implemented idea. In Alabama, which recently reignited its program after eliminating it in 2007, due to the economic downturn, employees can get $1,000 for an implemented suggestion or up to $5,000 when a suggestion results in extraordinary savings.

In California, government workers can offer their ideas for increasing revenue, improving state operations and eliminating safety hazards.

The main goal is to show employees that management is listening. A lot of suggestions come from people on the front lines who say they talk to their supervisors, but feel like they aren’t being heard. With this type of program, the suggestion is logged, then evaluated.

Employee suggestion programs are a not only a way for them to be heard, but can increase loyalty and encourage others to be more proactive.

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