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Does Your Agency Need An App Store?

by | Jul 13, 2015 | Government Entities

ThinkstockPhotos-456056975_-_resized_200_200With the increased demand for connectivity by citizens and employees, the need for application stores within the federal government is rising. Government agencies can use enterprise app stores to provide citizens, partners, and employees with critical information in a secure and cost-effective way. If your agency doesn’t have an app store yet, consider some of these advantages of creating one listed below:

Provides Greater Security Control

When an organization doesn’t offer the appropriate apps, employees often turn to consumer app stores for a solution. This can be problematic as apps downloaded from consumer-facing stores can introduce malware, spyware, and other security concerns.

Gives Employees the Tools They Need for their Job

It’s no secret that employees are most effective when they have the tools and resources they need. So, when agencies provide a single place for all of the most up-to-date data and applications, employee satisfaction, and productivity will soar.

Allows Insight into User Habits, Needs and Wants

Agencies can monitor employee habits and app use in order to evaluate the effectiveness of apps in the enterprise store. Another added benefit is that users can rate applications, write reviews, and even make suggestions for additional apps that would be useful. Unpopular features can be updated, removed, and modified to best fit users’ needs.

Creates Operational Efficiencies

An app store can operate efficiently and effectively, saving government resources money and IT resources spent on troubleshooting and support. An app store would also allow IT staff to roll out automatic software updates and retire old apps.

Expands the Government’s Mobile Strategy

Enterprise app stores can provide a secure way for employees to access the device-agnostic applications they need at any time. This means that employees can access their important information from any location, all while protecting agency networks.

Control Costs

Instead of having multiple users purchase licenses for the same product, applications can be consolidated into one enterprise app store, letting IT departments control expenditures by purchasing software licenses at discounted bulk rates. Also, as app usage can be easily tracked, each cost center can be accurately billed.

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