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Federal CIO Resolutions

by | Jan 3, 2014 | Government Entities

iStock_000006691452Medium_200_133With the New Year beginning, many people are making personal resolutions. Now is also the best time for CIOs to make some professional resolutions. With compliance standards and the need to utilize more technology on the rise, CIOs are looked at to drive a technological revolution that meets the connectivity needs of the government workforce. Forward thinking CIOs should consider three New Years resolutions.

1. Communicate better. It is the responsibility of the CIO to bridge deep technical expertise with business acumen and communicating a vision for the future of IT. The CIO must be able to express the need for continued IT growth in their organizations to a broad range of stakeholders.
2. Choose open standards. CIOs need to be sure they are not limiting their options to a single-vendor IT environment. By investing in various IT vendors you can ensure that the workforce is getting the continuous professional development and skill set that is needed to make the organization thrive.
3. Keep your commitments. By agreeing to the mandates set forth by the Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative, agencies have committed to the implementation of cost-saving technologies and strategies.

When CIOs focus on small steps, they can help their agencies adopt new technologies and use taxpayers’ money responsibly.

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