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Robert Marrone and Janice Grassia at NJASBO Conference

by | Jun 27, 2017 | #BowmanGivesBack, Events, Government Entities, Speaking Engagements

NJASBO.jpgThe NJASBO had their annual conference on June 7-9, 2017.  Two Bowman & Company LLP team members, Robert Marrone, CPA, RMA, CGMA, Partner and Janice Grassia, CPA, RMA, CFE, Senior Manager were among the many speakers.

 Bob and Janice spoke regarding audit findings & recommendations.  Some of the subjects they touched upon were:

  • Why and how do audit exceptions become audit findings in the CAFR
  • What affects the decision to classify an exception as an audit finding
  • What process does the auditor go through to determine if the exception is an audit finding
  • How audit findings affect QSAC

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Bowman & Company.  We are always here to help.

Please visit NJASBO Website for further updates and information.

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