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How to Find Your Focus at Work

by | Feb 15, 2013 | Uncategorized

When you achieve a total state of concentration, you are more focused on the tasks at hand and so absorbed that you lose track of time. Generally, people who experience this type of concentration, or flow, are happier and more productive at work. Here are four tips to help you find your flow and stay focused on a regular basis:

Choose challenges that fit your skills. There needs to be a good balance between the challenge and skill level. If you choose a challenge below your skill level, you’ll be bored, but if you choose one above, you’ll be anxious.

Know the steps to reach your goals. It’s important to constantly be aware of what comes next in your plan. This keeps you engaged and on track to reaching your goals.

Set aside distraction-free time. Sometimes you need a few hours to yourself to really concentrate. Consider turning off your phone, closing your email and signaling to others not to interrupt you to really get in the zone.

Get feedback on your work. The only way to improve your skills is to get feedback on your work. Ask colleagues, bosses or other mentors for their opinions to help improve your professional skills.

For more information on how to remain focused at work and improve your skills, please visit Entrepreneur.

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