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LinkedIn Networking – The Dos and Dont’s

by | Mar 12, 2015 | For-Profit Entities

517042751_200_200Social recruiting is on the rise, and your online profile says a lot about you and your professional image. Using an inappropriate profile picture or to many “!!!” can be a turn-off to anyone visiting your profile.


The list below outlines some of the deal breakers and major faux pas on LinkedIn:

1. Don’t collect acquaintances: It’s about the quality of interactions, not quantity.

2. Choose your groups carefully: Only choose groups that really correspond with your interests.

3. Don’t be afraid to reach out to recruiters: Only reach out in a meaningful way. Sending a generic message will only leave a bad impression.

4. Take it slow: Take the time to build your relationships slowly, to allow contacts to gain confidence in you and your professionalism.

5. Don’t forget about privacy settings: Check your settings, and tick off any notification options you don’t want to be visible.

6. Always stay active: Every post and share is creating your digital footprint, so make sure it’s consistent.

7. Don’t worry about being perceived as a stalker: Everyone knows about LinkedIn showing profile views – it’s expected, and no one considers it annoying.

8. Do have a profile photo: Make sure you have a professional photo, and it shows only you.

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