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Minimize Your Ransomware Exposure

by | Jul 1, 2015 | Government Entities

467304653_-_resized_200_200Early this year, the FBI issued a warning about ransomware on the rise. These malware scams encrypt files on infected computers, then criminals demand payment before they’ll provide the key required to decrypt them.

While ransomware has been around for years, recent scams are reaching a new level of sophistication.

Criminals may pose as legitimate companies, law enforcement, or even the FBI. Furthermore, by demanding payment in Bitcoins, criminals are able to protect their anonymity.

Protect your information by observing these three key best practices before a ransomware event occurs:

1. Backup your files. If you’ve had a recent backup, the protection of your data becomes a simple act of wiping the infected device and restoring the backed-up files. Because problems with restore functions are actually quite common, make sure you test your backup system.

2. Educate your staff. Ransomware doesn’t spread on its own, it requires user interaction. Oftentimes, it’s spread through email attachments or links that direct victims to fake or compromised websites. Your employees should be clear on the risks of suspicious emails.

3. Keep software up-to-date. Keep your anti-malware software and all other software up-to-date. Anti-malware software requires the latest updates in order to recognize malware.

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