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Nanomanufacturing and U.S. competitiveness

by | May 28, 2014 | Government Entities

iStock_000005514196Medium_200_199Forum participants described nanomanufacturing as an emerging set of developments that will become a global megatrend.

The United States likely leads in sponsorship and overall quality of nanotechnology research and development (R&D) today, as well as some areas of nanomanufacturing. Nanotherapeutic drug development and the design of semiconductor devices are just two examples.

There are a number of challenges facing U.S. nanomanufacturing, including:
• A key U.S. funding gap in the middle stages of the manufacturing-innovation process
• Lack of commercial or environmental, safety and health (EHS) standards
• Lack of a U.S. vision for nanomanufacturing
• Extensive prior off shoring in some industries, which may have had unintended consequences
• Threats to U.S. intellectual property

By implementing one or more of the following ideas, U.S. nanomanufacturing competitiveness can be enhanced:
• Strengthen U.S. innovation by updating current innovation-related policies and programs
• Promote U.S. innovation in manufacturing through public-private partnerships
• Design a strategy for attaining a holistic vision for U.S. nanomanufacturing

As research continues and other nations increasingly invest in R&D, nanotechnology is moving from the laboratory to commercial markets, mass manufacturing and the global marketplace.

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