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Network, Network, Network

by | Dec 2, 2014 | For-Profit Entities

iStock_000000409040Medium_200_133Networking: it plays a crucial part in our careers and businesses. Whether it’s finding a new client or just passing and sharing knowledge…not everybody is doing it right.

What might you be doing wrong?

If you want to network successfully and get noticed by the person you want to connect with, avoid these mistakes:

1. Not Following Through: Networking is not about collecting business cards or adding people on LinkedIn. It is about building a relationship with the other person.

2. Asking too much too soon: Remember that it is not all about you. Sometimes you need to give others a reason to connect with you.

3. Failing to Give to Get: If you are trying to network with someone who is above you in status, the best way to get his/her attention is talking about how you can help them in a direct and concise manner.

4. Mistaking Personal Branding with Selling: It is good to talk about your skills and qualifications in order to impress the other person but don’t cross that fine line between personal branding and selling.

Be mindful not to pitch your sales at the outset of your interactions; find ways to connect first.

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