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POGO’S “Baker’s Dozen” Report

by | Feb 20, 2015 | Government Entities

469863177_200_133The Project on Government Oversight (POGO) outlined a 2015 “Baker’s Dozen” of thirteen congressional priorities that would make the federal government more transparent, accountable and ethical in a new report, outlined below:


1. Increasing Transparency of Outside Influence on the Government

2. Making Federal Watchdogs More Independent and Accountable

3. Closing Dangerous Loopholes that Leave Federal Contractors and Employees Without Adequate Protections

4. Providing Incentives and Protections for Private Sector Whistleblowers

5. Reforming the Administration of the VA and Its Treatment of Veterans

6. Modernizing the Freedom of Information Act

7. Bringing Increased Transparency and Oversight to the Legal Interpretations Used by the Executive Branch

8. Stopping Wasteful National Security Spending

9. Enacting Pro-Taxpayer Contracting Reforms

10. Tackling Military Acquisition Reform

11. Opening the Senate NDAA Markup Process

12. Ensuring Taxpayers Get A Fair Return On Publicly Owned Natural Resources

13. Addressing the Problems and Loopholes in the FARA

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