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Quality Over Quantity = A More Productive Workday

by | May 12, 2014 | For-Profit Entities

iStock_000004390363Large_200_290A great number of entrepreneurs work hard to achieve balance in their workday, ensuring that their daily tasks are completed. While they often must wear many different hats and are short on time, some entrepreneurs try to fit anything and everything they can into each and every workday.

This can result in a longer workday with few, if any, breaks, that leaves you feeling exhausted and out of sorts, which isn’t the best strategy for long-term productivity. “Work smarter, not harder,” though a cliché, holds some truth.

Though checking off as many items as possible on your to do list may seem like the best strategy, it can have significant drawbacks:
Rushing through tasks leads to lower quality completion. If you take your time, you’ll end up doing a better job.
The mind has no chance to rest. Your brain, like a muscle, needs periods of rest to recover from strenuous activity.
Your higher goals are sacrificed for lower goals. Instead of focusing on what truly matters to your company’s long-term plan, you get lost in the insignificant details.

Be sure to take frequent breaks, if even just to step outside for a few minutes to get some fresh air or complete a non-work related task. It’ll help recharge your brain and allow you to come back to a task with a renewed perspective.

Rather than focusing on the total number of tasks and amount of time spent working, aim to focus on the total value you are able to provide during the course of a full day.

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