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Sequestration May Lead to Thousands of Furloughs

by | Jan 25, 2013 | Government Entities

Unless a deal is reached, the Pentagon is planning to furlough hundreds of thousands of civilian employees beginning in April. According to an Associated Press report, Deputy Defense Secretary Ash Carter told reporters that if sequestration’s budget cuts go into effect as scheduled, employees will be furloughed one day per week between April and Sept. 30. In doing so, companies will save close to $5 billion.

The Army has also issued a hiring freeze for the time being. Furloughs will be used as a last resort but are not out of the question. The Defense Logistic Agency is also preparing to furlough its employees, as is the Defense Finance and Accounting Service. However, this is all still dependent on whether or sequestration takes place. For more information, please visit the Federal Times.

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