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Summer Activities to Improve Your Career

by | Jul 1, 2015 | For-Profit Entities

iStock_000005317725Small_200_133In the midst of summer, most of us want to take a break from our careers by vacationing and taking some time off. Yet, there are some ways to make some time for yourself and your career goals while enjoying the summer season, by proactively engaging in some meaningful professional development at the same time.

Here are a few ways you can both get ahead professionally and stay active with the summer season of fun.

Socialize as much as possible. (Don’t miss out on summer’s best parties!). While enjoying all of summer’s BBQs, outdoor concerts, and weekend retreats, you will also be giving yourself some great opportunities to meet new people. As you forge new relationships, take it one step further by connecting on LinkedIn to explore what they do, and diversify your network – which will last well after summer is gone.

Pick a “Summer of _______” theme. Summer can seem short, so make your own theme for it. Consider what you want to do more of. What do you want to see more of? Make the best use of your time by working toward a goal that will give your summer a purpose.

Write a blog post. Craft a well-written article on a subject that you are passionate about, to share on LinkedIn, or your own website. By sharing your knowledge, you are showing your network your commitment to your industry, even in the busy summer season.

Curate content at peak times. Finding smart and timely articles related to your industry and sharing them along with your own personal commentary is an easy and free way to let people know what matters to you.

As you progress through summer, keep in mind that you can enjoy your summer while pushing you career forward!

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