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Three Simple Rules to Increased Team Productivity

by | Apr 1, 2014 | Government Entities

iStock_000019568102Large_200_133Within government IT programs, costs for coordinating and communicating across multiple teams can be hard to manage.

Environments with multiple IT teams can boost productivity by adhering to three easy to follow principles:

1. Accountability: let each team know its responsibilities and give them the resources needed to carry them out effectively. In exchange, each team agrees to make and keep commitments.
2. Transparency: providing timely, accurate information about each team’s activities. Coordination costs nearly disappear when all involved have access to self serve information at any time.
3. Collaboration: leverages accountability and transparency to achieve higher productivity. It is made easier when people from each team are interacting at boundaries defined by dependencies to achieve specific outcomes.

These principles have already helped numerous teams achieve success on hundreds of programs.

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