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USPS Could Benefit from a Social Media Boost

by | May 6, 2014 | Government Entities

iStock_000012047196Medium_200_150A report recently issued by the inspector general stated that while the USPS maintains a presence on 18 social media sites, it could boost its use of social media in order to engage with customers and build its business.

“A strong social media strategy could help the Postal Service remain competitive in the digital age by better responding to changing communication needs, improving the customer experience, creating value through social commerce, and cutting costs,” the IG wrote.

Greater use of social media tools could also help the Postal Service improve customer service by solving complaints customers place on their social media accounts.

“Although not a “cure all” social media offers significant benefits, and many opportunities exist for the Postal Service to expand into this area,” the report said. “To do so will require a more solid foundation of resources and a distinct, agency-wide commitment.”

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