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What are Your 2015 Sales Goals?

by | Dec 22, 2014 | For-Profit Entities

179694077_200_160The New Year is just around the corner. Have you given any thought to your sales plans and goals yet? If not, it’s the perfect time to take some advice on how to get started.



By managing these three things, you’re sure to have a successful 2015:

• Sales meetings
• Budget
• Time

Start by answering these questions: Where did you spend your time this year? How many high value prospects and customers did you meet with? By characterizing your customers and prospects by value, you can achieve your sales objectives.

Organize your business into A, B and C accounts. A accounts are either the most profitable or large. B accounts are less valuable using the criteria you define. C accounts are your smallest, least valuable accounts. Define the range of profit or revenue for each category.

Your expense budget is a sales tool. Don’t waste it! You’re attending industry meetings for more than a meal when you take time and pay money for them. You should have a sales objective for each trade association meeting and business meal.

Examine the results you are getting from the regular industry trade group and networking meetings you have attended this year. You are going to meetings simply for fun if you haven’t gotten any business from the time and money you have invested.

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