Charter Schools

Bowman Knows Charter Schools

Unlike generalist CPA firms, Bowman & Company LLP puts a premium on industry knowledge and experience.  We strongly believe that specialization and a focus on unique contemporary issues makes the difference between a good CPA and a great one.  Our Charter Schools niche team commits themselves to staying on top of industry trends, regulations, and opportunities so our clients can focus on their missions, secure in the knowledge that they are in good hands.

A Long History of Serving New Jersey Charter Schools

Following the passage of the New Jersey Charter School Program Act in 1995, Bowman & Company became the auditing firm for the one of the first charter schools opened in New Jersey and has continued to serve numerous existing and newly created charter schools throughout the State. This long history of service has allowed the Firm to gain valuable insight into the unique challenges, issues, and concerns of charter schools and provides us with the experience to support our clients in meeting their goals and missions.

Laws & Regulations

As schools operating under a charter granted by the New Jersey Commissioner of Education, charter schools are generally subject to the same laws and regulations as traditional public schools including the Fiscal Accountability, Efficiency, and Budgeting Procedures as described in the New Jersey Administrative Code. Understanding which requirements are applicable to charter schools requires experience.  Our familiarity with charter schools provides us with the knowledge to help our clients comply with applicable laws and regulations.

Enrollment Accounting & Reporting

The funding of charter schools is an issue of concern for many schools. The accurate accounting and reporting of enrollment is essential in ensuring the charter school receives the appropriate funding due from local districts.  The review of student enrollment as part of the annual audit aids in establishing and maintaining the proper procedures and internal controls to ensure accurate enrollment reporting.

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