Municipal and County

Bowman Knows Municipalities and Counties

Unlike generalist CPA firms, Bowman & Company LLP puts a premium on industry knowledge and experience.  We strongly believe that specialization and a focus on unique contemporary issues makes the difference between a good CPA and a great one.  Our Municipal and County niche team commits themselves to staying on top of industry trends, regulations, and opportunities so our clients can focus on their missions, secure in the knowledge that they are in good hands.

Budgeting Challenges

Since 1939 our Firm has been involved with providing guidance to our clients regarding the statutory annual budget process.  In these difficult financial times, the State’s budget rules and regulations are constantly changing, with a focus on rising health care and pension costs.  Bowman & Company has a wealth of knowledge and technical expertise in budget laws and is extensively experienced in keeping up with the State’s ever changing budget rules and regulations.  In addition, we have a great relationship with the State of NJ Division of Local Government Services.

Strategic Planning of Capital Projects and Associated Debt Issuances

Bowman & Company can assist Municipal/County management with the timetable for their capital projects and how various financing options for the projects can best be utilized.  In addition, we have excellent relationships with financial advisors and bond counsels, making the process of issuing debt that much easier.

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