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NJCPA CEO Visits Bowman Office

by | Feb 13, 2024 | Events, Professional Services, Speaking Engagements

NJCPA CEO visits with Bowman & Company LLPWhether you’ve heard of the New Jersey Society of Certified Public Accountants (NJCPA) or not, it has probably affected something in your life as a New Jersey resident. Most accountants in the state are members; all Bowman & Company LLP personnel with their CPA license are members of the NJCPA, many of whom serve or have served in leadership roles including three past Presidents. Our history of involvement with the NJCPA has created lasting relationships which we value in the highest regard. For this reason, we are thrilled to have recently welcomed Aiysha (AJ) Johnson, the CEO and Executive Director of the NJCPA, for an informational “meet and greet” in our Voorhees office.

The 2023 retirement of NJCPA CEO Ralph Albert Thomas left some big shoes to fill, as he dutifully held the position for over 20 years. It is no surprise that the position was offered to AJ Johnson, as her years of experience with nonprofits, including professional and trade associations & international firms has positioned her for success. AJ spoke to Bowman on a multitude of topics that affect the landscape of New Jersey accounting.

While Bowman & Company LLP may be the largest firm in southern New Jersey, we are still a medium sized firm in comparison to many of the northern firms. Not only do our clients benefit from the personal touch of our services, but it is important to offer the market locally performed operations. For this reason, we are particularly appreciative of many of AJ’s visions for the future of the NJCPA; she spoke on the importance of small & medium sized firms in the decision-making processes of the NJCPA leadership, and how the industry needs a balance of firms of all sizes. The fact that the CEO of the NJCPA supports this vision benefits our firm, our southern New Jersey colleagues, and the public in general.

Additionally, AJ spoke on the importance of the accounting pipeline & the future of the profession. Bowman & Company LLP has been an outspoken advocate for education and the next generation of accountants; we are pleased to see that AJ shares our sentiment. She shared her plans for talent development including youth education, communication, and evaluating the standard industry offerings for new accountants.

We look forward to working alongside AJ and the staff of the NJCPA for many years to come and are honored to have hosted her for this special presentation. Our partnership with the NJCPA makes our community outreach possible, including education, scholarships, service opportunities, and more.

For more information about Aiysha (AJ) Johnson’s appointment, see here on the NJCPA website. Or, visit their home page using this link to learn more about the organization.

We invite you to CONTACT US if you would like additional information or to discuss your particular business needs.

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