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Two Students Receive Bowman Funded Scholarships

by | May 25, 2023 | #BowmanGivesBack, Events, Not-for-Profits, Press Releases

_PA_1784Bowman & Company LLP has an 84-year history of success, and we’re still looking towards the future in everything we do; but the accomplishments we reach today, tomorrow, and beyond are only possible because of the legacy of many talented & dedicated professionals of the past. To quote Sir Isaac Newton, “if I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants”. By acknowledging and appreciating those that have shaped us into who we are today, we can realize the importance of giving to others. To honor the legacies of former Partners Lisa A. Donahue & Jack Dailey, Bowman & Company LLP has established scholarship funds for accounting students in the region. By partnering with the New Jersey Society of Certified Public Accountants (NJCPA) Scholarship Fund, Bowman hopes to change the lives of these young adults for the better.

After many years of dedicated service to the firm, former Partner Lisa Donahue passed away fifteen years ago. Since then, many students have earned the annual Lisa A. Donahue scholarship award (read our blog from 2022 here). The award factors in academic performance, essay submissions, and an in-person interview. This year, Kira Nevshehirlian of Rowan University earned the Lisa A. Donahue scholarship award. Kira will be joining Bowman as an Intern in our commercial services department this year!

2023 Lisa Donahue Winner (Pictured left to right: Partner Bob Marrone, Mary Dailey, Manager Sarah Donahue, Award Recipient Kira Nevshehirlian, Senior Manager Maryann Holloway, Managing Partner Harry Wills)

Tragedy struck in June 2022 with the passing of retired Bowman Partner John F. “Jack” Dailey, Jr. (article here). Not only did Jack influence the lives of many here at Bowman, he also had a far-reaching impact on the industry as a past president of the NJCPA. While the NJCPA has an award in place to commemorate his service to the NJCPA as a President (won this year by Renee Burns of Monmouth University), Bowman & Company LLP has also created a scholarship award in memory of our late friend. The inaugural winner of the John F. Dailey, Jr. award is Reno Schwind, a student at William Paterson University of New Jersey. While we mourn our recent loss, we are proud of the impact this award will have on many promising students to come.

_PA_1683(Pictured left to right: Manager Sarah Donahue, Senior Manager Maryann Holloway, Managing Partner Harry Wills, Mary Dailey, Award Recipient Reno Schwind, Partner Bob Marrone)

Multiple leaders at Bowman also contribute their efforts in the selection process of NJCPA scholarships by reading and grading essay submissions. Senior Managers Maryann Holloway (CPA, RMA, PSA), Mike Thilker (CPA, CITP) & Amy Perrone (CPA, RMA, PSA) as well as Partner Carol McAllister (CPA, RMA) are all involved in the college essay reviews, while partner Stefanie DeSantis (CPA, RMA, PSA, CGMA) reviews high school essay submissions.

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