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Bowman’s Day of Service Targets Food Insecurity

by | Jan 26, 2023 | #BowmanGivesBack

Bowman's Sandwich AssemblyIf there’s one way to honor the memory of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, it’s through acts of service. On MLK Day this year, Bowman & Company LLP employees dedicated their time towards a cause that affects many people in our area: food insecurity. By partnering with Cathedral Kitchen, we were able to provide and serve food to hundreds of individuals in the area.

Bowman’s 2023 MLK Day of Service began at the Voorhees office with a team of employees ready to assemble the materials. First, we gathered snack and grocery items that were donated from our employees. Then, sandwiches were assembled and packed for transportation to the Cathedral Kitchen headquarters in Camden, NJ. Upon arrival on the Cathedral Kitchen site, Bowman staff served meals in the dining room. The donated groceries and prepared sandwiches were distributed to guests.

MLK Day Picture 2

The issue of food insecurity is one that Bowman takes seriously. Many of our staff and their families are involved in organizations such as Cathedral Kitchen that address this need. Our food drive in November 2022, in partnership with the NJCPA and the Community Food Bank of NJ, resulted in over $1,000 of fundraising for families in need during the Thanksgiving/holiday season.

Links for Organizations

  • Cathedral Kitchen Home Page – Link
  • Community Food Bank of New Jersey – Link
  • New Jersey Society of CPAs – Link



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