Bowman Knows Authorities

Unlike generalist CPA firms, Bowman & Company LLP puts a premium on industry knowledge and experience.  We strongly believe that specialization and a focus on unique contemporary issues makes the difference between a good CPA and a great one.  Our Authorities niche team commits themselves to staying on top of industry trends, regulations, and opportunities so our clients can focus on their missions, secure in the knowledge that they are in good hands.

Budget and Rate Stabilization

In these difficult economic times, preparing a budget that provides sufficient funds to operate a municipal utilities authority efficiently and at the same time maintain rates that are fair to the rate payers is challenging.  Bowman & Company has the expertise and knowledgeable staff capable of assisting an Authority with this issue.  Over our years of service to numerous Authority clients, we have developed strategies that have proven to work in achieving the goal of a workable budget and fair rates.  Additionally, Bowman & Company has a great working relationship with the Bureau of Authority Regulations that allows us to easily navigate through any issues the Bureau may have with a budget document.

Connection Fee Calculations

Municipal utility authorities are required by statute to calculate their connection fees annually. Bowman & Company employs individuals who have extensive experience and knowledge related to this calculation and can assist an authority when this calculation is necessary.

Strategic Planning of Capital Projects and Associated Debt Issuances

Bowman & Company can assist Authority management with timetables for their capital projects and help them understand how various financing options for the projects can best be utilized. In addition, we have excellent relationships with financial advisors and bond counsels, making the process of issuing debt easier.

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